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Certified Service Providers are certified IT service providers that are specifically trained for the connection of companies to the EEX transparency platform.

Market participants on the wholesale market for power and natural gas are obliged to communicate “insider information regarding the company or regarding plants which are owned by the respective market participant or its parent company or an affiliated company or which are controlled by these or whose operational matters this market participant or this company is in charge of in their entirety or in part, effectively and in due time.”
Such insider information can be published via the EEX transparency platform using a uniform standard for companies with and without physical systems in any country. The further use of these data for similar yet rarely identical purposes is possible and supported expressly by EEX. For example, forwarding of selected power production data to ENTSOE in the framework of the transparency regulation can be selected as an option

1. Why are there Certified Service Providers?

Based on experience we know that many IT projects have to compete for scarce resources in internal IT departments. Therefore, external support is frequently used for projects. In order to support reporting companies in their preparation and the direct connection as best as possible EEX trains interested IT service providers for the special requirements for a stable and secure publication practice in compliance with the rules and regulations. As a result, customers have the possibility of using a number of experienced service providers.

2. How does one become a Certified Service Provider?

EEX certifies service providers after, at least, two employees of the respective company have completed a one- day training course and passed an examination. In this process, the connection and reporting process is introduced, the message types and their data formats are presented and frequent sources of error and their avoidance are discussed.

3. Once a Certified Service Provider, always a Certified Service Provider?

Certified Service Providers are regularly informed by EEX of innovations in the field of regulation, special interpretations and amendments in the implementation practice. Depending on the scope of the amendment, this is done by means of an, at least, annual recertification to ensure that the level of knowledge is up-to-date.

4. Which companies are already Certified Service Providers?

DEVnet GmbH

Nördliche Münchner Straße 14a
82031 Grünwald

Markus Weber
+49 (0) 89 24415 4026

Seven2one Informationssysteme GmbH

Waldstr. 41-43
76133 Karlsruhe

Patrick Hartung
+49 (0)721 62714 179

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