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Disclosure Privilege (EU 2016/1055)

"Where emission allowance market participants already fulfil equivalent inside information disclosure requirements in accordance with REMIT [...], the obligations under MAR should be considered to be fulfilled where the information is disclosed using a platform for the disclosure [...]." more

Emission Allowance Market Participants disclosing inside information according to MAR Article 17(2)

EEX Transparency Platform supports market participants trading in emission allowances to disclose inside information in respect of its business, aviation activities and installations. more

Ad-hoc Ticker (MAR)

Emission allowance market participants are able to disclose inside information in respect of its business, aviation activities and installations through platforms Ad-hoc Ticker.


Managers' Transactions

According to MAR Art. 19, persons executing managerial responsibilities (PDMR) and persons closely associated with them (e.g. spouses) must notify the issuer of relevant personal transactions they undertake in the issuer’s financial instruments. The obligation to disclose managers‘ transactions is now extended to financial instruments traded on an MTF or OTF. A reduced notification period of three business days is also imperative; the disclosure requirement also includes trading with derivatives and debt securities. An announcement by the issuer has to be distributed throughout Europe, sent to the financial authority and stored in the OAM. Managers’ transactions announcements now also have to contain the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI code) of the issuer. In addition, issuers must draw up a list including all persons bound by Directors’ Dealings (including closely associated persons).

Verified Emissions per Activity

Information regarding the verified emissions of CO2eq for EU ETS registered installations (in t).

Source: European Commission

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