ACER’s Open Letter on Inside Information disclosure

“It is the Agency’s stated objective to make sure that the legal obligations stipulated in REMIT, including those concerning inside information disclosure, are fulfilled.”

In its Open Letter on Inside Information disclosure and the use of Inside Information Platforms ACER presented the results of the latest analysis of publishing activities. In particular, the disclosure of inside information on company websites turned out to be ineffective and insufficient.

ACER therefore announced to:

  • consider compulsory use of Inside Information Platforms (IIPs) such as EEX Transparency Platform;
  • review the documents (Guidance and Manual of Procedure) to ensure a common view on the Agency’s position;
  • enforce the disclosure of inside information via web feeds;
  • expand the cooperation with listed IIPs;
  • simplify registration and use of IIPs for all market participants;
  • refer those market participants who do not publish inside information in a timely and effective manner to the respective National Regulatory Authorities.

Market participants that are registered with EEX Transparency Platform can be sure their legal obligations are fulfilled now and in the future.

For further information and to register with EEX Transparency Platform, please contact:

EEX Transparency Services
T: +49 341 2156 233

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