Transparency Data Amendment for available capacity as of 1st April 2020

On 1st April 2020 EEX AG will amend the underlying calculation of the field “Available Capacity”. The calculation will now be based on the reported non-usabilities and the installed capacities. This amendment improves the coverage of the value “Available Capacity”, thus its quality.

Until now, the “Available Capacity” was voluntary reported by the stakeholders and was not reported for every unit at the platform. Now available capacity will be calculated as Installed Capacity – Non-Usable Capacity, both being mandatory fields for reporting companies. The value has a high coverage as it is calculated from two fields which are reported for every unit registered at EEX Transparency Platform.

Affected Services:

  • SFTP - [YYYY]-ExAnteInformationAvailableCapacityPower-[COUNTRY]-[YYYYMMDDhhmmss].csv
  • EEX Group DataSource Desktop
  • EEX Group XLS Tool
  • EEX Group Transparency Power API

Please note that the format of the file remains unchanged and the change will not be retroactive.

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